StrongBox Wealth stands apart by offering you a powerful combination of personalized, objective advice and comprehensive investment management, backed by access to industry-leading resources.

About us

We’re a registered independent financial planning and private wealth management firm for high net worth individuals and their families. Our clients include lifelong savers, entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, executives, and community leaders.

We look to enhance our fiduciary responsibility to each client by collaborating with their other trusted advisors, such as estate attorneys, to provide a simplified aggregation of services. Our commitment is to make it easy for you to focus on what matters most: living your life to its fullest and achieving your purpose.


We chose StrongBox Wealth as our name because we want our clients to envision us as a trusted “one-stop repository” for consolidating their assets. Think of us as your secure, stable partner, committed to safeguarding your financial objectives.

What makes us different:

Distinctive Accreditation & Experience

With the designations of Certified Private Wealth Advisor® and Certified Financial Planner®, the StrongBox team works together to give each client the advantage of our advanced training, skills and experience. Our offering surpasses the standard financial advisory services found in the industry, as we enhance our relationships with portfolio management, risk mitigation, tax-smart planning and other valuable tools.

Holistic Approach

When you’re our client, you’ll often hear us use the expressions
“big picture” and “long view.” We always consider your entire financial situation—present and future—when customizing our plans and making our recommendations. We make a point of taking into account assets and liabilities, risks and obligations, rewards and opportunities.

Concierge-Level Service

Because we focus on each client as an individual with a unique set of dreams and expectations, balancing both family dynamics and life’s circumstances, we strive to deliver a truly personalized client service experience. We stay in touch on a regular basis, and our communications are designed to be clear and understandable. We are known for our responsiveness, our attentiveness, and our empathy.

Independence & Objectivity

We believe strongly in the need to keep the custodian responsibilities of our client assets separate from our role as advisors as well as from the providers of the products and programs we may ultimately recommend. Our relationship with Dynasty Financial Partners ensures this “triangulation of advice,” in which StrongBox’s customized objective advice is separate from our custodian Schwab Advisory Services and from the unlimited investment providers that you can access.