StrongBox Wealth provides advice beyond the scope of asset accumulation. We help you protect your assets through prudent investment strategies. We’ll listen and understand you, and give you the confidence that your wealth can provide for long-term security and stability.

Planning For Your Retirement

Planning for your retirement

The importance of planning and managing wealth for one’s retirement years can never be overstated. Whether our clients are still decades away or on the very cusp of this exciting next phase of their lives, we will personalize our recommended strategies to ensure that retirement goals are given the highest priority. As complexities in retirement often increase, our solutions are geared to address current and long-term taxation issues, mitigate portfolio risks, implement rising income strategies, fulfill philanthropic goals and ultimately transition your wealth.

Planning for your retirement

Building your wealth

As assets accumulate so do concerns about money matters. We educate our clients on how to best manage their wealth, in order to best enjoy the privileges it brings. By focusing on the human circumstances of our clients’ lives, we’re able to instill a confidence in their decision-making process as they look to continue their financial success.

Building your wealth

Managing your business assets

Entrepreneurs ourselves, we are keenly aware of the responsibilities of managing the financial assets of a closely held business. We work very closely with our business-owner clients to help them balance the risk/reward decisions they face when considering both short-term financial needs as well as longer term investment and growth opportunities. We are especially focused on helping owners prepare for and optimize liquidity events, such as the sale of their company.

Managing your business assets

Our services include:

Portfolio management

Our efficient approach to portfolio management focuses on sophisticated, yet straightforward strategies and is always customized to your investment goals and tolerance for risk.

Holistic Financial Planning

We intentionally look at your entire financial situation and take a 360° ‘big picture’ approach to integrating all assets and liabilities into your complete plan.


We endorse the practical necessity to provide strategic design and prudent planning around your short-term cash-based needs.


By understanding your aspirations and expectations for a fulfilling retirement, we will finely tune your income sources to ensure both longevity and proper order of distribution.


Philanthropy is often an important personal decision. We’ll guide you through straightforward solutions that develop the means for how your family’s next generation can support their core values, while creating maximum benefit to your chosen charities.


By integrating the long view into our scope of planning and collaborating with your legal and tax advisors, we counsel your next generation on how to be properly prepared for the transition of wealth to them.


We’ll help you manage both your assets and income in a tax-efficient manner, while showing you how to optimize tax code allowances to take advantage of opportunities.


With prudence as our guidepost, we’ll identify and constantly seek to extract unnecessary risks in your investment portfolio and financial plans through proven means.


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how to help you scale your business with the right balance of risk and reward.


Key to the legacy of any business owner is the objective of successfully passing a company onto new owners or the next generation. We help develop and execute those plans with respect to both parties and facilitate a seamless transition